Full Mouth Reconstruction

**All On Four**

Get new teeth in a day.

  This process virtually replaces your teeth!   

For as little as $9999 you can have pernament

teeth.  No more removable dentures!

For patients with hopeless and unrestorable teeth or patients with existing dentures, implants can be placed to pernamently hold a prosthesis.  A minimum of four implants is needed to secure plastic, porcelain, or zirconia teeth. These teeth are not removable by the patient but can be removed by the dentist for cleaning and maintenance.  The steps to getting a fixed prosthesis with implants are outlined below.

First, you'll need 3D CT Scan, which we provide for free at our office.

Next, we will custom-make a surgical guide for you.

Then we place the implants. A minimum of four implants is needed to secure the teeth. For example, our Biocare implants cost $1800 each, so the total cost for four implants will be $7200.

We also offer other brands of implants which may be more affordable.

After the implants we place the abutments.

Finally, you can choose what kind of teeth you want.

1. Your own denture teeth----------$0

2. Resin teeth--------Deluxe($699) or Premium ($1099)

3, Zirconia teeth--------- 12 teeth($6600)

Now you can calculate the total cost for your pernament teeth by adding up each of the previous steps.

With resin teeth, it will cost you $10200 or $10999.

With zirconia teeth it will cost you $15700.

                                                             If you don't opt for Biocare implants

                                                              your costs will be lower.

Vatech provides dentist with an array of different options for their practices. All modalities and any configuration of a digital dental radiography system is available including Cone Beam CT, panoramic,  and intraoral sensors.

High quality clinical results

  • High digital impression accuracy for high quality restoration fit
  • Instant preparation and impression validation
  • Reduced adjustment and grinding during seating

    Better experience

    • Quick with no discomfort caused by impression materials
    • Extra comfortable with powder-free scanning

      Increased satisfaction

      • High quality restoration fits and minimal grinding
      • High quality clinical results

      More convenience

      • Reduced number of appointments due to fewer retakes
      • Reduced overall chair time

All-ceramic restorations have been known for their durability and esthetics, but not for their economy – until now. Never have all-ceramics been this convenient or affordable. We offer CAD/CAM systems that can help our patients have all-ceramic restorations, from the initial design to actual milling, in the comfort of our own office


If the condition of your teeth is preventing you from eating, smiling, or biting properly due to severe decay, severe periodontal disease, or if you no longer wish to have dentures or missing teeth,

then you may be a candidate for a “full-mouth makeover”. A treatment plan will be created that will address your concerns using the latest technologies available in advanced specialized dentistry that will enable you to look and feel great and allow you to eat comfortably. Our team of specialists will meet with you and review your unique situation and address each of your concerns and goals. At the dental office of Dr Nguyen, you will be treated by dental specialists who have the training, the skill and the judgment to create a beautiful, comfortable, and everlasting smile.