$499 Denture/ Arch



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We have a denture lab onsite to fabricate dentures in one day!

($100 Additional Charge for dentures made within 1-2 days)


We also offer other types of dentures


      Deluxe Denture                         $699     


Premium Denture                 $1099  



Partial Dentures


Stayplate                                     $399


Valplast Flexible                      $799


Metal Frame                              $849


In as little as one day  you can have a custom made denture and a great smile without the hassle of multiple day visits. If this sounds too good to be true, come and see our patented one visit, full denture technique for yourself. Some more complicated dentures will require two days to fabricate.

When you visit Dr Nguyen's dental office, a complete dental exam will be taken, followed by a denture consultation. During this time, you can customize your dentures by picking the shape and shade of teeth that suit you best. According to your financial situation, there are several kinds of full dentures from which you can choose.


Deluxe Dentures 


   Our Deluxe Denture is made using deluxe-quality denture teeth and offers a high level of durability, stain resistance and a natural look. This denture allows for more customization to achieve a natural look. The process  includes a try-in preview that allows you to approve the general characteristics of your new smile before it is permanently set.  The Deluxe Denture is often available on the same day as your appointment at no additional cost.


Premium Dentures 

     The Premium Denture is made using premium-quality denture teeth, which are impact-, wear- and stain-resistant. As with the Deluxe Dentures, the teeth are first set in wax for you to try in and make any modifications that you wish to make. After you have approved the look of your Premium Denture, the lab will custom finish your denture in permanent, acrylic base material. Again, it’s like designing your own smile.  Premium Dentures are often available the same day at no additional charge.


Valplast Partial Denture

     We also offer a flexible partial denture with no metal. Since there is no metal it is highly esthetic and comfortable. This partial is a good option for patients with missing anterior teeth.

Because this partial is difficult to make the process takes five days.


Metal Frame Partial Denture

      Another option for partial denture is our denture with a metal substructure. The metal


provides rigidity and strengh and makes this partial ideal for patients missing posterior teeth.


Because the metal is cast the process for this partial takes ten days.


Stayplate Partial Denture

      For those patients needing a partial denture the same day, we offer the stayplate denture.

Since this type of denture is mostly made from the pink denture material, our onsite lab can fabricate this partial within one day.



Dentures + 2 to 4 Regular Implants (1 arch)

If you would like added retention on your dentures, we can place two to four  implants with attachments. The dentures snap onto the implants eliminating the need for adhesive. 

Mini Implant Supported Dentures