Call now for you FREE Dental Consultation & 3D CT Scan ($500 value) 



At the dental office of Dr. Nguyen, we are proud to offer state-of-the-art implant dentistry. Your initial visit will include a FREE consultation and 3D CT Scan. With the information gathered by the 3D CT Scan, our Doctors will provide an in-depth consultation and review all of your treatment options. The goal at our office is to provide you with various solutions, so that you can find one that caters to your needs, goals, and financial situation.


3D CT Scan 

   No one would consider getting a knee or hip replacement without an MRI or a CT Scans. Similarly, Pacific Dental & Implant Solutions uses 3D digital CT Scanning technology to treatment plan every Dental Implant case.

    The 3D CT Scanning process allows our doctors to better examine bone density and determine the correct treatment approach in each dental implant case. The CT Scan provides a detailed 3D image of the mouth and jaw that is much more detailed than traditional dental x-rays, and provides much better information for a higher standard of care. The Scanning process takes about 9 seconds and provides our doctors three-dimensional and cross sectional views of existing teeth, bone, nerves, and tissue.


Advantages of 3D CT Scanning:

  • Examine cross sections of a patient's bone structure to analyze the quality, volume, and density of the bone that will anchor the dental implant
  • Determine all possible treatment approaches with risk factors for each individual patient
  • Locate the precise placement and depth of implants
  • Determine the proper type and size of the implants
  • Locate and avoid sensitive areas such as nerves and sinuses
  • Less radiation compared to a medical CT Scan


3D CT SCAN ($400 value)